Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Best Gifts To Give This Holiday! Experiences!!!

Good Morning! There are still a few weeks to get gifts for the holiday season, and I thought I would offer something special to my readers. Folks who sign up before the end of the weekend for an Indie Day here at the farm (at a date of your choosing) can do so for the following rates. These are discounted to be just a little over the cost of the equipment provided (things like fiddles, bows, and dulcimers will be here waiting for you). If you are a clan member, check the website for even lower rates and a ridicuous saving on some future events.

1. Archery Indie Day!
Come spend a day at the farm and receive personalized instruction in archery. Anyone who signs up will also get a bow, arrow, bowstring, arm guard and finger protection. It includes five hours of instruction and shooting with lunch breaks and a tour. We can even break early for a cart ride with Merlin if the weather obliges. Cost for single: $250, pair: $450

2. Wool Indie Day!
Come learn to turn wool off the back of a sheep into clean, carded, and spinnable wool. Class comes with drop spindle and you get to go home with CAF wool you clean (and some extra to process at home). This is a great class for people considering a small flock and what goes into creating their most awesome gift: yarn! The day also includes a tour of the farm, sheep care, and what the costs and expectations are of raising such animals. Cost for single: $150, pair: $300

 3. Hoofbeats Indie Day
So you can't help it, you can't let go of the dream. You still want a pony. I understand, really I do. And a few years ago I didn't know a saddle horn from a spotted draft - but that can change. This is a day dedicated entirely to a farmstead horse. Learning about the reality of what it costs, hay, farrier, housing, time and energy as well as actual experience with Merlin and me. You will learn to groom the animal, tack up a horse for riding, watch demonstrations in person and get in the saddle yourself. You'll also learn abut the harness, vehicles, and jobs of a working animal that isn't just another pretty car. People who sign up leave with a copy of Storey's Guide to Raising Horses, a curry comb, and set of cotton rope reins. We may tow a stone boat, logs from the woods, or whatever the farm needs. Warning: people that have taken horse workshops here ended up with horses a few months later…. $180/$300

4. Fiddle/Dulcimer Indie Day Camps
This is a super-personalized day of learning the mountain dulcimer or southern mountain fiddle here at the farm. The same pace as fiddle camp, but more one-on-one time. Each Musical Indie Day comes with a student instrument, $250/$450

If anyone requests one of these holiday-rated Indie Days I will send them a card with a signed note from me personally inviting them to the farm for a day and letting them know what the day will entail - so you'll have something to hand over in a wrapped box or envelope come the holiday! Perhaps there is something you want to learn I didn't cover? Such as Soapmaking, Intro to Dairy Goats, Gardening, or Working Farm Dogs? Maybe you want to learn more about falconry, sewing, etc. Prices would vary based on supplies and such.

You can also make it a weekend, or several day event, if you want. Some folks just want to know what it is like working on a small farm for a few days - a haycation! If you are simply interested in working alongside me, asking questions, and learning what it's like living this life we can arrange that as well. There are plenty of close by campsites with cabins just minutes away and folks I already know can option to stay in the guest room here at the farmhouse. If I don't know you, please don't take the cabin thing personally. But a girl just can't invite the internet for a sleepover, I'm sure you understand!

Thank you again for your support, readership, and consideration in possibly making a day at the farm and the skills that come with it a holiday gift! To Sign up or ask questions please email me at


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Wonderful post. You have the best blog ever. I'm a suburban 'girl' of 50, and i live to read about your thoughts, ideas, adventures and hard work on your farm. I hope you write forever! :)

December 13, 2013 at 1:38 PM  

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