Monday, December 9, 2013

Productivity and Squeaking

It was a truly productive day here on the farm, or rather, inside the farmhouse. I spent the day designing logos, sewing cloaks, and catching up on emails and office work. It wasn't exactly thrilling but it feels really rewarding at this side of it all. With a cloak brooched, folded and ready to mail and a set of new designs sent to a business in Tennessee - I am enjoying my evening indoors by the fire.

I have a pile of borrowed hawking manuals to read and gleam whatever I can from. I had two sessions with Italics today, and he is slowly learning to trust me. He eats meat from my hand, he joins me on long walks around the farm and down the road. He knows how to balance himself on my gloved hand. He is okay without the hood in daylight. What he needs now is to learn to come to my gloved hand and hop to it for food. Slowly, ever so slowly, he is learning that I am a safe place and a solid meal. In the next few weeks we'll get to the point where he will fly to me and land on my fist, though that all starts like every other journey does; with a single step. My next goal is to get him from eating off my glove to stepping ontpo it to eat from his perch. It's been one week since his capture and already I feel like we've come so far. He's a wild animal that sits on my fist, eats from my hands, and tolerates me for hours on end. I have had dates not go this well.

He is pretty good, today he was a little chatty. He makes this squeak that sounds more tame than a chicken. Master Falconers have told me these sounds are normal, but some birds are more chatty than others. I'm not sure how many of you have heard hawk chatter so I filmed one of our training walks. Enjoy the banter.

I haven't ridden Merlin since the day before deer season started and it's starting to really make me itch. Right now the trails we ride are all ice and mush (not fun on a barefoot steed) but tomorrow if things are as fair (temperature wise) as they were today I am saddling him up or finally fixing that wheel on the cart because I am getting a little eager with all this time around sewing machines, squeaking hawks, and computers. I need to get on a horse, or behind one at least in a cart. Even if it's just down the road it is good for the soul.

My life, I tell you.

In other news: I am really happy with how the Clan Membership is gaining and the reception from the new Members! Anyone who subscribes to this blog is welcome to join, as is anyone who wants to pay the annual fee the one time. People have been really supportive over at the Clan Blog, sharing advice and stories and creating a community in a safe environment. A few folks already set up tour dates at the farm and some businesses and services are setting up discounts for Clan members. It is coming along better than expected and I am proud of the community over there!

Okay, time for some John Stewart and hard cider. This day is done and I am tired and happy. A good place to be.