Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I got a hold of a copy of S, the new book by JJ Abrams. It's not about directing movies, television or creating worlds. It IS a created world. I am in love with this. You are buying what appears to be a library book stolen from some Highshool Librarty. Soon as you open it you come accross the notes of two people - corresponding baclk and forth in the margins. They argue over the meaning of the work and so it begins: pages of clues, mystery, hints and more. There are so many things inside this book, things you pick up and work with to figure out the story behind the story. There are maps on napkins, newspaper clippings, postcards, snaphots, letters and scraps. It is all one masterpiece, and the most fun I have had sitting down with a book since I picked up the first Harry Potter book as a teenager.

Buy this book. Buy it for friends, for gifts, sure - but do yourself a favor and buy it for you. You will not regret it. It is amazingly fun, and less than dinner and movie for sure. Oh, and here is a fair warning: it is NOT something you should get as an ebook. You need to feel this, touch the ACTUAL napkin and legal papers inside, page through pages, decode clues, set out the inside stuff like a crazy person setting up his victim shrine on the coffee table. It is a rollercoaster in an armchair. It is wonderful.

JJ, you are married, make movies, and live far far away from this Civil War era farmhouse covered in snow. But tonight, we have a date.