Saturday, November 9, 2013

No Hawk

So there was no hawk trapping. Turns out I needed alot more than a NY State Apprenticeship Liscense, which I didn't realize having never done this before. It took a year to get my liscense, but that was just the FIRST step in forms, permits, and such. I needed a Federal license, too. And to apply for my federal paperwork I need forms back from the state... It's a huge pile of red tape, and we figured it out this morning around a pile of hawk traps.

I'm upset. This may mean Falconry is out this year unless I somehow can wrangle the State and Federal government to pull out all the stops, and this isn't exactly a high priority for any bureaucrat. Which also means no chance of a falconry book deal, which really effects the farm's bottom line as that was my best chance for another contract before Yule. So it's an emotional and financial blow, and frankly I am bummed out. It's not a real problem, of course, but it is a huge let down. I left my house a few hours ago thrilled to start on this journey. It may very well end up being another year.