Saturday, November 23, 2013

Indie Music Days & More!

If you would like to give a special sort of gift this year for the holidays while supporting a small farm, have I got an idea for you! Readers of this blog can be gifted classes, workshops, Indie Days, and gift packages. To help get this farm more solvent, and to go into winter with the firewood, new tires, and the mortgage a little closer to caught up. Consider one of the following ideas this holiday season, it creates a truly unique and special gift and is so important to keeping this place going.

1. Fiddle Camp (2 days with an instrument!) is on sale for $250 and comes with a season pass. Reduced even further if pairs or couples sign up and pay together.

2. Want to gift a personal Dulcimer or Fiddle Day that comes with a whole day at the farm, lessons, and an instrument? We can do that, too. I just call these Indie Music Days. MID go from 10AM-4PM and take place on the farm at the season and day of your choice. The person attending needs nothing to attend but ends up leaving with a new instrument and how to play it. Music Indie Days can be either Fiddle, Banjo, or Dulcimer and come with said instrument - prices vary based on instrument but the Dulcimer is the least expensive and the easiest - and that package starts at the same price as Dulcimer Day Camp. It's one-on-one learning and a whole day spent at the farm. Music isn't your thing? Regular Indie Days can be arranged with time dedicated to everything from harnessing a draft horse and logging in the woods to making soap from a freshly milked goat. My farm is open to learn, share, and laugh alongside with.

3. Season Passes for couples (or singles) on sale, for the price of two group workshops come all year.

4. Gift Subscriptions: Have a spouse or friend who likes reading the blog, offer to subscribe in their name and send me their address and I'll send them a thank you postcard from the farm.

5. If you are local I offer a variety of farm stuff.

Email me for details on any of this: