Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cold on the Way

A storm of sorts is moving in, and tomorrow's high temperature is forecasted around 25 degrees. It'll be a cold one and wind advisories are set to be up to 50-60mph. I'm up making a list of things to aid in the animals (including this typing animal's) comfort through it. In the mornining I'll get a bale of fresh bedding to the pigs, so they have some clean, warm, goodness to snuggle into. A bale of hay and a big breakfast is really all they need to hunker down. The horses will get some grain with their hay, for the same reason. They don't have bedded stalls but they sure handle the weather well on their hill and have shelter in their pole barn. The chickens head into the barn, where the goats will spend the day chewing cud and butting heads. The turkeys will hopefully not be blown away, as they hate being in any building though I have tricked them once or twice into going into the barn during freezing rain or hail. Sometimes I question their willingness to survive, those birds...

I'll keep a fire going here and spend much time as I can indoors beside it. A hot shower, a warm sweater, a cup of tea and some good books or movies when my work is done in the office will be happy place to find myself. It'll be just fine, but this kind of weather seems early for the level of harshness hitting. I hope it isn't a preview of the months ahead!