Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cloak Second?

This cloak looks great in the afternoon light, next to a sheep paddock with a brass brooch. But I made a few mistakes making it and had to repair several of them. While I think it is pretty, this one isn't good enough for a full-price buyer. But if anyone wants a cloak (and brooch) at a lower price complete with the little mistakes I would sell it to you at a steal and mail it tomorrow. Here are the faults: it is a light wool, not heavy enough without a sweater below it. The hood is a bit wonky, too large. And last, I used white thread which shows in sharp constrast to the green wool. But if you are just trail riding with your horse or feeding the chickens at dawn, it is a fine piece of clothing. Email me at jenna@itsafarwalk.com and you can have it. As for you full-price buyers, don't be discouraged that you aren't getting it sooner, yours will be much finer!