Monday, November 18, 2013


Game night is a big deal around here. My friends and I meet up once or twice a month to gather around a table, bonfire, or living room and take on a good game. Usually we play games like Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, Small World, Carcassonne, Tsuro, or Lords of Waterdeep or something along those lines...but lately, we are in love with trading in clay and reeds for home improvement. Enter: Agricola!

Agricola is a game for planners, and so it is a game perfect for farming. It doesn't hurt that it's also ABOUT farming, (17th century European Style). In this game you are a pair of young farmers new to your land living in a wooden hut. You don't have any children, plowed fields, or animals. It's just you, grass, and this cabin. Everyone starts out like this and as the game progresses you start to choose what your farm will specialize in. Some people opt to plow field and grow vegetables or grain. Some people build fences and stables and raise pigs, cows, or sheep. Others become anglers, potters, or basket weavers. It's up to you how your little couple grows and as the game goes on you need to take care of them: feeding them, birthing offspring, keeping piglets in the house while you wait for your turn to put up a fenceā€¦.

Yup. It's like farming all right.

Agricola is highly strategic. It's mostly about watching what everyone else is doing and reacting. I always think I'll win with my fences and sheep, but I haven't yet. But even losing the game with some friends and good hard cider beats winning a lot of others. It's cut throat, smart, clever, and super competitive. I highly recommendcomend it to all you board game fans. The rules are a bit intimidating, but if you can find a game in your area at a local game shop, and learn while playing, it is easy to pick up. Grab a copy and gather some homesteading friends and get pumped. You'll be popping out kids and buying wild boars in no time.