Thursday, November 7, 2013

Support CAF Going into Winter

So with snow just a few weeks away and winter preps still in need of some serious supplies (i.e. snowtires, seasoned firewood, and hay)I have decided to pile evertyhing CAF has to offer in one place: this post. All the offers, deals, and ideas I have to support the farm are here. If you already have a season pass, reserved a spot at Fiddle Camp, or can't wait for Beltaine to start shooting your first longbow....then I THANK YOU, but I also ask you post this on your farm-friendly Facebook Pages. So here goes:

Workshops: Cold Antler Farm hosts all sorts of workshops - everything from blogging to bows and arrows. You can buy a one-time pass for any of the following workshops (price is usually around $100 for a full day workshop), or you can buy a season pass. The season pass regularly costs $450 dollars but right now it is on sale for $300. This includes things like Fiddle Camp! (though it doesn't include the purchase of an instrument if you need one here waiting for you). I think this is the best value I can offer. And to help persuade you I am offering a FREE season pass to anyone who buys Fiddle Camp as a gift. That means you pay the $350 for the camp and fiddle, but you get a year of workshops at no extra cost. It's a blwo to my pocketbook in the long run, but that's okay if it gets people here and the word out.

Here is a list of workshops planned for the weeks and months ahead. I'll be adding back the button on the right side of the blog so anyone can click to see the events at anytime. Workshops are a fun, comfortable, and beginner-friendly environment to learn new skills, meet like-minded people, and support my work here as a writer/blogger/small farmer. You can pay per event or if you live relatively close you can buy a season pass, which costs the price of two or three workshops paid up front for a whole year! Email me at to sign up for a season pass or any workshop at all!

Indie Days!
These are personal workshops, private and full of one-on-one skill teaching time in everything from setting up a sheep fence to learning the fiddle. They are twice the price of a normal workshop but ten times the focus and attention.

Fiber Festival Wool Workshop!
Friday October 4th
Come spend a long weekend in Washington County, join us for a wool workshop the day before the fiber festival starts and spend the weekend putting your wool, carding, spinning and fleece buying know-how to good use. Stay for Dulcimer Day Camp Saturday if you like!

Dulcimer Day Camp
October 5th
A day camp introduction to the Mountain Dulcimer. Comes with a dulcimer!

Open Backs and Hallowed Hearts!
Saturday, Holy October 26th 2013
Learn the basics of the 5-string banjo with expert Julie Dugan! A workshop not to be missed!

Words and Wool
December 7th
Come talk blogs, writing, marketing and all things online in the farmhouse! Knitting too!

Fiddle Camp - Winter and Summer 2014
Come for a weekend and learn the Fiddle, comes with a fiddle! Most popular workshop, hands down!

Cold Antler Confidential! Session 1

Saturday Jan 18th 2014
A workshop to inspire you to act! Get That Farm!

Arrows Rising
Beltane Weekend, 2014
Come knowing nothing, leave an archer with your own bow. Nuff said.

Cold Antler Confidential! Session 2

Saturday April 5th 2014
A workshop to inspire you to act! Get That Farm!

NOTICE: Workshops are non-refundable for any reason. However, if weather or illness prevents you from attending, your credit is good as long as I am hosting workshops here so no money goes to waste! Subscriptions: A very low cost option that makes a huge difference is blog subsciptions. This is a way to compensate the writer (in this case, me) for the blog you read. To me it's like paying for a book at a bookstore. It isn't necessary, and I know some of you can't spare a dime. But for those of you who are too far away to atend a class, or not interested in wool designs, this is a very appreciated option. Right now I think there are around 27 subscribers, and they contribute something like $275 dollars a month. That is such an amazing thing to wake up to in your paypal account, enough to covera truck payment or buy enough feed for this place to last two weeks. And if everyone who read the blog signed up for only five bucks a month I would have the equivelent to my old corporate salaray. That isn't what I expect at all, but it is an example of how powerful 500 pennies can be to a stranger (16 cents a day!). It matters. Please subscribe if you can. If you can't, don't worry, the blog will always remain free.

Cloaks: You can purchase wool cloaks hand sewn by me from army surplus blankets (new blankets, not used ones!) for $125. They come with a Pennular Brooch, the old fashioned clasping method of kilts and plaids. My cloaks are hooded, of course. They keep the rain off, keep the warmth in, fit all sizes and shape and look great. I'm bringing back an old style that works. I have sold 8 and plan on making as many as I can handle. Shipping in the US is included in the price.

YardSale: Here are some items I am selling. You can buy them! Pickup Only**

Monday the Yearling Scottish Blackface Ram: $175
Alpine Goat Kids (Due in March): $75 male, $100 female
Antlerborns: $20 a chicken, straight run pullets and cockerals
Horse Collar (23" wide): $100
English saddle, pad, girth, and bridle: $150