Wednesday, October 30, 2013

View On My Mountain

This view comes from a field on top of my mountain, part of my neighbor's property that he lets me ride on. This picture was taken some time around 5PM, as the last of the day's light hit the path ahead of us. It always catches my breath how just a few hundred feet of elevation and a western side of a hill can change the whole world. When I left my farmhouse at a trot  (just moments before!) I was in gloves, cloak, and worried I should have a sweater under me. It was a windy, chilly, 43 degrees and once we hit the open fields I expected worse weather up on the balds… But no. I live on the eastern side, darker at dusk, and all Merlin and I need to do to feel warm  was go on a hunt for the sun. We did. My horse and I, we ran it down like a fox. Then we ran up that mountain path and cornered him here in this field. But unlike a fox hunt, there is no catching, just the joy of shared company. So I took off my gloves, pet my black horse's strong neck, and we kept running into the light. It's a way to preserve what is left of Autumn. The Days of Grace are practically here.