Monday, October 21, 2013

An Offer You Can't Refuse!

Next summer's August Camp will be the second-last weekend in Augst 2014. Registration is open and I am offering something to encourage you to sign up. Anyone who signs up for next summer's fiddle camp before Friday of this week gets a FREE Season Pass. Yup. Sign up for next summer's camp now and then you have through October of 2014 to attend any workshops, classes, or events here. You can use this pass for yourself and give Fiddle Camp as a gift if you prefer. This actually ends up making the Season pass of workshops only cost $200 (the fiddle is $150 if you don't have one) It is a heck of a deal. With workshops coming up about everything from Horse and Harness 101 to Cold Antler Confidentials (which has people coming from the Midwest and ALASKA!) your season pass would include spots for those too if you wanted them. Spots fill up fast and I expect to get this camp sold out soon with this deal, so email me at You will be supporting this farm and the animals on it (especially the animal that writes) and giving me some peace of mind going into winter. I still need to pay the mortgage, get more firewood, clean chimneys and buy hay! As you well know!

SO here is my deal I have as an offer. If you sign up for Fiddle Camp, Dulcimer Day Camp, or buy a season pass for yourself (which I have three left on sale now) you get a season pass free. If you buy the season pass, you get a second season pass free to either use for another year for yourself or your your spouse/friend/whatever!
If you want one of those remaining spots for summer camp, holler! It would be an awesome Chirstmas present for someone if you already took the camp and YOU get a season pass out of it, and if you want I can ship you a hand-written invitation so you can give it as a gift for the holidays, a birthday, or anniversary. I had two gifted campers this year (meaning they got the camp as a gift!) and they both loved it, both were men, and both left handed. It was neat seeing them shine. One prefered to play it as if he was right handed and the other swapped the chin rest and we re-strung the instrument backwards so it mirrored a right-handed fiddle. We make it work at this scrappy farm, and the music and laughter flows.

P.S. Winter Fiddle Camp, Winter Cold Antler Confidential and Arrows Rising Camp is sold out! Others will fill up quickly so act soon!