Monday, October 21, 2013

Puttin' On My War Antlers!

So today is the beginning of a serious crunch time. I have a few weeks to get hay, firewood, and bills paid before snow fly. I have a plan, and some really cool things to offer you guys, but mostly this is going to happen by being very frugal and a little sacrificial. I have horse tack, instruments, and such to sell as well as discounts on workshops and season passes. My goal is to have a mortgage payment in by Hallows, a cord of firewood delivered, money set aside for at least two snow tires and more hay stacked in the barn. All of these things are possible if I get serious, which means putting aside a lot of fun stuff and getting to the business end of this little farmstead.

All this hay and firewood should be here by now. That's for darn sure. I do have about a cord and a half of wood already in the backyard - a combination of roadside orphans from crews taking down trees and other odd jobs delivered by the wonderful Hoff Family. I do have a modest emergency fund started. I have cut all sorts of spending and found ideas for bartering for things like extracurricular classes like Tae Kwon Do and such to keep that going (Black Belt is a huge dream I want to make happen). So those austerity tasks are in place and I'm not starting from square one, but I do need to buckle down and really focus on making an income this week. I do not have enough firewood. I do need snow tires (back ones have no tread left!) and I do need to pay that horribly wonderful mortgage, just like everyone else around here. I'll get it done. I know I can. I just need to take off my romantic antlers and put on my war antlers!

I don't panic about money as much as I used to. That doesn't mean there is any more of it, but the statistics are on my side at this point. It has been 18 months or so since I quit my day job to make it as a self-employed Jack of All Trades. I may be behind in some preparations but when you look at a year and a half of making it, it comes down to days behind. I am buoyed by that reality and the self-reliance that comes from knowing with enough effort you can make things happen in this time and place in the world. I'm so grateful to be here, right now, in this place. If a woman decided to shoot bows off a black horse in a men's skirt a couple hundred years ago she'd be burned at the stake. Today we just Instagram.

So I'm going to be selling ads for some expired spots, emailing folks, pushing subscriptions and offering a ridiculous deal on Fiddle Camp and Indie Days and hoping together as a readership, students, and friends we can get this place safe and prepared for what's ahead. Here is what I'll need to do to get started on winter prep:

Cord of dry, stackable, delivered firewood: $200
Two snow tired (to start) bought and mounted: $250
50 bales of hay in barn: $150 -200 depending on place of procurement.

So all that in ten days?! Here I go!