Saturday, October 26, 2013

Three Sisters

My little 4x4 pumpkin patch was not the dream I had last winter. Last winter I dreamed of brush hogging and plowing out a wild piece of property. I was going to use Merlin to plow it, and plant heirloom pumpkins and field corn. I was going to do this for food and expanding the growing area of the property, but honestly if it only got me excited for Hallows, that was fine too. I mean, if for no other reason I did that work with Merlin than to enjoy some late-summer cobs on the grill and to have the fading stalks and round plump squash...still totally worth it. I didn't manage to wrangle the funds for the hog, or get a hold of an old plow in working order, but that's okay. Like all farmers say, "There's always next year". But even if I didn't get my storybook pumpkin patch I still got pumpkins! I planted some jacks in a little compost-bed garden. And can you believe I got ten big, fat, squash and an army of little squashlings from that small space!? Here are what I call the Three Sisters. They are big round gals, ready to be turned into pie filling and one will be a Jack for Samhain. I'm really happy they are here. After three falls of failed pumpkins and horrid groundhog raids I have reigned triumphant! There are Jacks, homegrown to boot, in this farmhouse this Fall!