Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mini Power!

Check out this handsome pair of miniature horse geldings that attended our 7-mile river drive today along the Battenkill! Yup, hard-working minature horses pulled four people in a wagon today for seven miles! When you realize the pair of 17-0hand Belgiums ahead of them were doing the exact same thing you can't help but awe at these little brutes. In horse terms, they sure get better hay mileage!

We often think of "draft power" as big, expensive, horses or lumbering oxen but that isn't the case at all. My two huskies pulled me in a dogsled for years. That's draft power from an animal. Goats, sheep, and dogs can all be trained to pull small carts, too. And any equine is fit for the task. Look at the working donkeys at Common Sense Farm, riding mules, and the working horses of my Draft Club. If the dream of being a teamster or having some horse power on your farm seems daunting, know that ponies can work, too. It is a joy beyond measure moving down a country lane in a pony cart. Once that becomes a part of your life there's no going back. And the entry fee doesn;t have to be an 18-hand Percheron. You can start with something you bought off craigslist named Skittles. They all pull, darling. They all pull.