Thursday, October 24, 2013

Meet The Parents

This is our girl, Bonita on the left.  And this is her "gentleman caller", Gias (pronounced Guy-us). I went to visit her today while loading some hay into the truck. I adore the people at Common Sense and they have become everything from hay suppliers to Friday Night dinner company and now, buck pimps. Since Bonita was bought from the farm part of the deal of taking her off their hands was she can always come three miles down the road to get bred in the fall. I offered to pay for Gias's services but they assured me "he was happy to do it". That made me grin. I'm sure he is.

Anyway, Bonita is doing great and seems to be enjoying the gentle company of Gias. He's also an Apline, and a young buck. I caught this version of American Gothic when I was checking in on our her and love how they both seem to be smiling. I think they make a cute couple and am looking forward to another kidding season! Looks like kids again during Winter Fiddle Camp!