Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lovin' Indie Days!

I had such a wonderful time yesterday, hosting an Indie Day for a woman from Ontario named Jacqui. She came with a hankering to talk about pigs, and we did. We didn't just talk either, at one point we were both in the pig pen, scratching ears and discussing fences. We also talked about cheese making, fiddles, men, fate, the importance of finding your spot in the world and second chances. It was like being with an old friend. I never met the Librarian before yesterday but it felt extremely comfortable, like someone I knew.

I think this is pretty normal for Indie Days, so far all the people who have signed up have been wonderful, attentive, and extremely happy they showed up. I think it's the best way to really immerse yourself in something I can offer like archery, fiddling, livestock, horses, crafts, and such. Workshops are amazing and there are always discussions and questions but nothing beats the one-on-one conversations that last a whole day. I really got to learn about Jacqui and her story, her farm dreams, and I wouldn't be the least surprised if she ended up with some pigs at her partner's farm in a few months. Not surprised at all.

Tomorrow a couple from NYC come up for the day, I think the focus is on goats. I'm sure Bonita and Ida will be happy to run circles around them and be the demonstration crew for everything from hoof trimming to shots to perhaps a visit to Common Sense to see their herd and talk to the Goat Maven herself, Yeshiva. I'll let them decide. But I am so excited to share what I have done here, and what the plans ahead will be. I guess I just love the concept of Indie Days, and feel so blessed to be paying the mortgage by dong what I love most, which is getting beginners excited about taking up the same things I do in my feral little life.

If you want to sign up for one, please email me at!