Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gibson Is Not Impressed...

...But I am. I have signed over a hundred copies of One Woman Farm and the orders are still coming in! You can get this book from anywhere in the Internetland, or your local shops, but ONLY through Battenkill books can you get a signed copy made out to you. And if you ask in your order, Gibson will sign it too. He is getting better at stamping his paw on pages, as anyone who bought Barnheart and now OWF can see by his improved penmenship. Pawmenship?

Click Here to Order a Signed Copy!

AND! If you are in the area or want to come out and say hello. Friday night, October 11th at 7PM Connie and the gang at Hubbard Hall are hosting the Book Launch Party! Come and get copies in person, say hello, ask questions and support an awesome store in this one-stoplight town!

P.S. I'll be bringing Gibson so please leave your kind dogs at home. He is the jealous sort.