Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Get Your Maude Stockings!

One of the folks from the Cold Antler Community here gave me this stocking as a gift last Yule. It was in honor of Maude, and I adore it. A stocking I will always use and cherish. Karen (the very talented sewer of said stocking) approached me after last year's Antlerstock with the idea that she could sell some on her Etsy shop, and that sales from the shop could possibly help support the farm, too. So If you are already hankering to get your holiday shopping done and want something truly unique on the fireplace, I suggest clicking here for her shop, Useful & Beautiful.

You can order your own Baaa Humbug! Stocking as well as other things she has handcrafted. All of them are up-cycled or recycled goods, so realize it is a pretty ethical and green business, as well as useful and beautiful! I want to Thank Karen for my own Maude Stocking and for her support. I'll be posting an image ad link to her shop through Christmastime so anyone who wants to grab some gifts there has time before snow fly!