Thursday, October 24, 2013

Winter Prep Updates

Things are looking hopeful here, and that is encouraging. You are noticing a lot of hard selling here on the blog and that is simply in anticipation of winter. I'm really focusing on getting things together here so I can relax a bit and stop worrying so much about the weather ahead. I am a third of the way towards my goal to get these plans for the coming cold started. I got a source of hay to pick up tomorrow and the barn will host nearly 50 bales. For my amount of stock that isn't much but it is something, a respectable start, and on the road to comfort.

I haven't ordered a cord of seasoned wood yet, but hope to by early next week. I do have enough firewood to last a month or longer if temperatures don't drop too far. Right now the lowest it seems to get is around the high twenties and that is still fairly comfortable with just one stove going. I still need to get a chimney cleaner here but I'm not horribly worried. The main stove pipe is practically brand new and last year they wouldn't even clean it because it seemed so pristine they refused to charge me for it. I also have a sweeping broom to do parts of the job myself. So firewood is a serious need but also I have enough to get by.

The main priority is the mortgage, and when that is a little more stable I will feel comfortable buying things like snow tires and more hay. I'm behind on it, not dangerously so but more than I want to be. To catch up I am offering all sorts of deal and workshops, and will have more items for sale listed here. My dulcimer is on its way to Florida this week along with an antique radio to another reader. I am fine selling these possessions if it keeps me feeling like I have a roof over my head. While I'm between book deals and payments I need to learn that sordid, gritty dance of frugality and resourcefulness and ruthlessness to keep things steady. And if I can do this while paying down debt and saving a modest bit for emergencies, all the better.

This crunch is why you aren't getting so many updates on the farm this week. I'm in this survival mode that can't really relax until I feel a little safer. When I get there, and I will, get ready to hear as many sappy farm stories as you can handle. Right now, back to work! P.S. Only Two Season Passes left on sale, and you can get them right now FREE as part of signing up for fiddle camp, even if you sign up someone else as a gift.