Sunday, October 20, 2013

Colorado Trails!

It is easy to feel alone when it's just you on a farm. Even in a world with the internet at your fingertips, email, letters and phone calls it can seem barren of people after a day mucking out a goat barn. I have a lot of friends and neighbors around, so there isn't any logical reason to feel lonely but it does creep in from time to time. Sometimes that gets overwhelming. But photographs like this make it a lot easier. I got this photo from a reader in Colorado who sent along a copy of my book, taken out of the saddle bags. Somewhere halfway across the contingent a person I have never met has a piece of my story with them. She too is out with her horse and dog. I was so touched to get this picture.

When Made From Scratch came out people sent me photos of the book near their license plates, to show the states people are reading in. I'd love to start collecting saddle bag photos! If any of you ladies or gents get a chance to hit the trail with One Woman Farm, send along a photo and I'll post it here. Don't have a horse? Throw it in your goat's backpack, or your in your own while hiking with the dog. I would love to see more people and their animals out and about with a copy of the little square book. It'll be neat to see the world from your eyes, like this vista in the American West.

Yes, my friends. It sure doesn't feel lonesome when you realize far away there are folks just like me figuring things out, with similar stories and the same sore legs. I'm so happy to have you along for the ride, literally.

photo: Rachel Burmeister