Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blind Hope = Unapologetic Flair

The clock is ticking now on my Falconry Apprenticeship. This whole process of finishing the application process should have been completed two months ago, so the state offices had the time to properly review and mail the license. This takes about 45 days. If I don't get my license back in time for Ed and I to trap a Red Tail Hawk before trapping season ends, which is the end of December. As an apprentice it is illegal for me to obtain my first bird through purchase, barter, or gift. I legally have to trap a juvenile wild hawk and train it. It's part of the Apprenticeship program. Two years of trapping and training wild birds of prey and my sponsor can suggest I receive my actual Falconer's license. That is a long way off, but for the now, I need to get permission to get started!

In a blind, hopeful, attempt to get the DEC office to open and process my application sooner I have made this envelope. Hoping it catches the processing departments' eye. I wrote a thank you note on the back and covered it in illustrations. The sooner I get my license in the mail the sooner you'll see me with my bird. Then the work, REALLY starts. I may be the only blogger tracking this whole process, from first intention of starting the program through trapping and training the wild bird. I hope you are as excited as I am! So wish me luck and godspeed on my Apprenticeship!