Friday, September 27, 2013

Can We Hit the Goal of 100?!

I got my first look at One Woman Farm a few weeks back and I was stunned. It is beautiful, truly beautiful. It's a fully illustrated hardcover journal with my words and the artwork of Emma Dibben. It is a perfect combination of art and words and the book itself is exactly what I hoped it would be. There are crows and fiddles, sheep and sheepdogs, leaves and fireflies. It's a book you can read along with the seasons, but it starts and ends in October, as my year does. It's a love letter to the life I chose, and I hope you all enjoy having it as part of your own homes and farms. I have a goal of hitting 100 pre-orders for Connie's store, Battenkill Books. So far we have hit 60! You can pre-order a signed copy from Connie and me (and Gibson if you ask!) will sign it. Buying from them is a huge help to my local community as well as a chance to get nationally recognized, as Connie's store's sales are included in the NY Times Bestseller List!

Oh, and did I mention we are throwing a Launch Party for the book! Ask Connie if you can pick it up in person at the event and stick around to say hello to me and Gibson. (If you are coming to the event, please do leave your own pooches at home since Gibson is the jealous sort).

Pre-Order Here!