Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Fiddle Camp Dates Announced! Registration Open!

If you want to come this late winter/early spring to enjoy a smaller, more one-on-one fiddle experience come to Winter Fiddle Camp! It's going to be held on March 29th and 30th 2014. Winter Camp is special, even if it is a little less conveient travel wise. There is always the rist of date change due to weather delays and such. It will be held here in the farmhouse this year and half the size of summer camp. This means all who attend get a lot more time to work with me one-on-one and do so right in the heart of my homestead. Winter camp includes a camp t-shirt I design as well as a fiddle. I use a student model Cremona that is affordable and sounds good out of the box! It comes with a bow, case, and rosin and the only things you need to bring with you are the text book, a guitar clamp-on tuner, and a spare set of stings in case your fiddle breaks. We start the Saturday morning at 10AM and go until 4PM or so. Sunday the camp starts at 10 and the lessons are over by noon. This leaves an afternoon for people to travel or stay to jam, practice with me, or just hang at the farm a few more hours. I can not stress enough this is for total, hopeless, beginners! If you ever dreamed of being a fiddler and worry you can't read music, are too old, too busy, or just plain scared then come over. We start so basic and everyone is new. By Sunday you'll be well on your way playing tunes.T I heard back from a few students already and they are a handful of songs into the book and have them memorized! isn't that awesome?! They went from being unsure of how to tune the devil box to memorizing jaunty airs in under a week. Fiddle camp is magic. It's yours for the taking and I hope some of you sign up so we can close registration fast! Three of the eight spots are taken already!

P.S. Next summer's August Camp will be the second-last weekend in Augst 2014. If you want one of those fifteen spots, holler! It would be an awesome chirstmas present, and if you want I can ship you a hand-written invitation so you can give it as a gift for the holidays, a birthday, or anniversary. I had two gifted campers this year (meaning they got the camp as a gift!) and they both loved it, both were men, and both left handed. It was neat seeing them shine. One prefered to play it as if he was right handed and the other swapped the chin rest and we re-strung the instrument backwards so it mirrored a right-handed fiddle. We make it work at this scrappy farm, and the music and laughter flows.