Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back From Camp!

The days leading up to Fiddle Camp were an absolute blur. There was the regular sort of preparation (tuning sixteen instruments, readying the campsites, chopping firewood, and cleaning up the joint) but there was also the mental sort of flux you find yourself in before a big event. People were going to be traveling from other countries, from all over America, and they were coming to my scrappy six and a half acres with the expectation of leaving as musicians. That is one tall order to fill, and some serious customer service expectations. So the days before (and of) Fiddle Camp leave this blog fairly sparse. I'm running around getting all the ends tied up, mowing the lawn, getting things like port potties and last-minute book orders arranged. It's a Hootenanny of the biggest sort.

That said! I have much to write about here! Fiddle Camp, Falconry, hay and firewood, and more. The autumn is coming along and swiftly. Last nights rainstorms were the sounds of summer but left this morning feeling the wet decay of early fall. The lawn is covered in downed, slightly colored leaves. There is that muddy premonition of wet dirt that will soon become stiff with cold nights and frost. I am getting a little worried about getting all my firewood split and stacked but like all things, it'll get done because it has too. This morning after adding fresh bedding to the muddy pigoda I had to run to a welding shop to pick up a custom bow perch the guys at Common Sense whipped up for me. It needs to be wrapped in rope and mounted inside the (almost completed!) mews, but that too will get done. I was going about all these chores, thinking about a life where a Tuesday morning means pig bed-changing services and hawk footrests and tried to remember if Fiddle Camp actionably happened? It did. There is photographic and video evidence! I'll share some of the piled up videos and stories often as I can this week.