Sunday, August 18, 2013

Threefold Return, New Clutch!

The chicks you see here were born this past winter, the daughters of a Pumpkin Husley that came here from Greenfire Farms two years ago. I found them behind the woodpile, near the house. I heard them peeping (a seriously odd sound for midwinter outdside on a farm). I discovered a nest and broyght mom and little ones inside. They have since thrived, a good deed on my part and a lucky strike for them. I have never met a chicken as good a mother as a Pumpkin, which makes sense being a breed bred for cockfighting that turned out to be a viciously good mama! These two lived in the farmhouse for the winter (this picture was just before the coldest night of the year!) and then went outside in the spring to live with their mama. Over the summer these two learned to steel grain from goat feeders, perch in the safest, highest rafters in the barns, and have been the most successful free range bird I ever raised. I don't know if Greenfire still raises them or not but I am nothing but impressed with them as brooding hens and layers. These chickens only die if they commit suicide. No critter can catch them and they outsmart most of their chicken brethren.

Anyway, one of these little woodpile chicks just hatched out some chicks. I took this video expecting a trio or so of birds from the first time mother, but watch and see how many there really are. Talk about a threefold return! Are you familiar with that karmic phrase? The idea being that everything you do, from smiling at a stranger to punching someone in the face comes back to you times three. It's an old Celtic/Welsh folk saying but it always rings true. You get what you deserve, just more of it. I got repayed this August morning for a kindness I offered last winter. No one said the payment was quick, but it sure was good.