Friday, August 9, 2013

Looks like today will be a wash out, there's a 100% prediction of heavy rains. I'm scheduled to work at the Archery School today, but since it is an outdoor classroom and basically a vacation destination few people want to spend their vacation time out in a downpour with sharp pointy objects. I have a feeling I'll be told not to come in, but while I wait for confirmation there is plenty to do around here. A rainy day means a chance to clean the house, organize emails, perhaps can some pickels, and of course, write. I'm between books and editing manuscripts so I want to start content on my next book proposal. That train isn't stopping yet. I have a lot more books in me!

I'm at that place as a writer where everything I have coming out is pretty much settled and the work is done, One Woman Farm is at the printers and comes out this fall and Cold Antler Farm (the next book, a larger memoir) is coming out the following spring. It is a good feeling knowing bookstores won't forget my name just yet but as a career it's the last job and already in the hopper, so time to mine some more book deals. If I can get one before winter I will rest a lot easier by the wood stove. This is all going on spec, as you know. But that's how this farm works!