Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Learn Mountain Music At The Farm This October!

If you don't know who this woman pictured is, let me introduce to you the finest Old Time Banjo Frailer in the county! Julie Duggan is a Cambridge art teacher and banjo player, having taught people in camps and clinics all over the US for the past 25 years. She is the woman to get that banjo itch you have scratched. She agreed to come the Saturday before Halloween to the farm for an all day introduction to the 5-string openback banjo. This is old time, frailing, or knockdown style. It's the kind of banjo playing that came out of the Appalachians before bluegrass music came about. It's rhythmic, powerful, and above all fun! You'll need a banjo for the course (none are provided) but you don't need to invest thousands to learn the basics. Email me if you want some recommendations but what matters at this workshop is your enthusiasm! Don't worry if you aren't musical. What Julie needs is people excited to learn.

Here you can see her playing at a mountain music workshop I did a few seasons back. Julie and I talked about what would happen during the day workshop and she will teach us the basics, but also tell a bit of her story about her experience with this instrument that because such a big part of her life. She not only teaches and performs with her banjos but collects them as well.

What I really love about these two workshops are they happens during the heart of Cold Antler Farm's year, Fall. The farm will be ready for winter and there will most likely be a red tail hawk for you to meet as well. It's a happy, special, and beautiful time here in Washington County and I think these workshops will fill up quick! So email me if you want to sign up for this, or the wool workshop, or BOTH!

Open Backs and Hallowed Hearts!
Saturday, Holy October 26th 2013
15 Spots Left
Price: $125