Tuesday, August 20, 2013


It's Washington County Fair Time! last night the fair opened with the annual Pro Rodeo, which I adore! I was there with Patty, Tara, Tyler, Joanna and Greg. It was a thrill and heartbeater as always. I adore the roping, barrel racing, and the cowboys which make me swoon (can't lie, its a large part of the draw of rodeo for me). My favorite event is bulldogging (aka steer wrestling). This is where a man on a galloping horse leaps off his mount onto a running steer, grabs onto the horns, and wrestles it to the ground in under ten seconds. If they were in kilts on fell ponies I might need to be chained to the bleachers....

If you are reading this and compete in rodeo you just got yourself a first date. I'm 67% kidding.