Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend An Taigh

I'm staying in this weekend, working. I have a lot of editing to do and planning for next weekend's meat rabbit workshop. There's an archery event an hour or so away but after spending that cash on Annie's vet visit joy rides seemed like a luxury. Part of living on a budget means pulling back on the reins even when you know you could still *probably* swing it and acting conservatively instead. I could run down to shoot and laugh with my friends, but I can also shoot here right in the backyard. And staying in means I can make some time to solicit ad sales, get back to emails, do laundry, clean up and just keep this place running. I am even considering an affair with a 5-string banjo later on under the maple treeā€¦ Intrigued? More on that later.

I have one pork share left and a piglets on the way! I need to build their pen lickety split and clear the firewood stacking area for the Mews construction. I am trying not to think about costs right now of things like lumber and butchering 4 pigs at once (the cost of butchering the last two was $480!) I figure everything is one step at a time. If I thought about money I would have never even adopted Jazz and Annie, much less decided to buy a farm. Money figures itself out, at least at a pace that keeps things legally mine, if not comfortably mine. It's a small victory every time I mail in a mortgage payment or send a letter to Merlin's previous owner with a check and update.

So the news here is this: piglets and mews construction on the way! We had a short break in the heat the last day or so but back to days int he 90's and lots of outdoor work ahead. The garden is already watered (30 gallons this morning!) and the sheep, horses, and goats are in the shade. I plan on following their lead after some more work is done outside and I've been kissed by the Battenkill.

(An Taigh is Gaelic for at home, pronouce Anne Tie(g)