Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gimme Shelter, Son!

Saturday was a big work day here at the farm. Kathy, Mary, Tyler and Tara arrived with tools and scrap lumber and by nightfall we had built what we have nicknamed the Pig Pagoda! It's a rough backyard farm job for certain. But the great news is it didn't cost me a dime. All the lumber, roofing, and equipment was either donated, found on the farm, or brought by those amazing people. We called it quits around 3 or 4 PM and I hugged and thanked everyone as they drove away, but I stuck with the little project until nightdall. It was nearly dark when I had finished setting up the ground wire of electric fencing and latched the gate, which was once my old coworker Chrissy's dog gate. When they moved to a new place and didn't need the gate and t-posts they asked if I wanted them? Those posts and that chain link gate laid behind my barn for a long time, but here they are again, housing critters once more. I am now ready for the little porkers, which will be delivered here soon as Tom can load them up and bring them to CAF. It was a big, messy, sweaty project but the pig pagoda and outdoor woodlot is ready for them and by late November there will be so much pork coming out of this farm I may suffocate under the packages of bacon. I can think of worse ways to go...

More pictures seen here, taken by Tyler of goingslowly.com