Friday, July 19, 2013

Chicks Hatched!

A few weeks ago the farm was getting assaulted by a predator, a raccoon. That little bandit was clever enough to open wire cages, snatch eggs, and eat over 25 chicks and chickens over a 2 week period. I finally caught him, relocated him, and haven't had an issue since but it still burns losing that much livestock. Farming is always playing a game of chess with Nature. Sometimes you get a few moves ahead and start to feel smug and then SMACK! you learn who is really holding the final checkmate.

But yesterday a whole clutch of eggs hatched and a big Barred Rock hen brought at least 7 new babies into the world. I set her up in the coop and she should be able to raise the lot of them herself. I'll try and sneak in to get some photos soon of the hen and her home-brewed chicks but right now they are still hatching out! I guess it was my turn on the chess board, and a bunch of new little laying hens are a serious win!