Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Start to 50% Of My Summer Meals!

Oh Kale, how I adore you. To take a big pile of your curly, clever leaves and chop them up with a clever is a happy act, indeed. I set you in a big wok with warm oil and mix you all up in it with a wooden spoon. For a little kick I sprinkle chicken rub seasoning on you and a pinch of garlic salt until you are a cooked down, glorious, warm slaw. With that same spoon I can push you aside like wet spinach and lay a nice piece of wheat bread in there. It seeps up the oils, too. I take out my savory toast and top it with as much kale as I can and bite into it with eyes closed and a giant smile. Come midsummer this is better than any meat, any ice cream, or any fruit. It is so filling without making you feel hot and heavy. It is delicious, keen to all the human senses. All you need is a bunch of Kale, seasoning, olive oil and a slice of bread for this little bite of summer heaven in about five minutes with only one pan to wash. Divine, folks. Just divine!