Friday, October 11, 2013

You Have No Idea How Much This Helps

Dear readers, friends, and neighbors! A few folks have come to me asking about this option on the blog and I think it is a great idea. Instead of asking for reader donations, I am offering a reoccurring subscription to people who want to compensate me for writing the blog. This is not mandatory of course, but it sure is appreciated. Supporting a word farm like this one does take a village, but the produce is free!

It works like this. You sign up for a specific monthly amount (several options) which is automatically sent to me from their Paypal account on a certain date. It may not seem like much but if ten people are welling to pay ten bucks a month for thirty days of writing, video, and stories you can see how that adds up. Right now the blog only makes money through ads, and that is unreliable at best. This way I can depend on a regular payment for the time I spent here, even if it is a modest one. Mostly, it is a way to keep the place going. I hope you will consider supporting the blog this way. It is truly appreciated and lets me know the interest level and value of the work, very important things for a writer.