Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Get a Copy of OWF and 3 Workshops!

Hey Folks! For anyone interested, I am offering ten copies of One Woman Farm for sale, mailed right from the farmhouse here in Cambridge. They will be signed, of course, by myself and Gibson. These copies are special though. They come along with a 3-Free workshop certificate inside them that let you (or whomever you give the certificate to) come to three workshops here at Cold Antler. I'll also ad something special from the farm itself in each book. Perhaps a feather, or a lock of Merlin's hair, or a pressed flower. These signed copies and certificates are pre-selling for a flat rate of $100 plus $7 shipping. It's a way to help out the farm and help keep it going as well as to get a special signed copy and an experience at the author's homestead. If you already own a season pass, you can use this to bring along a guest three times or it could just be an awesome discount on any three workshops! I am announcing more soon, for later in the summer and into fall. (This pass doesn't count for fiddle camp or other 2-day special events.)

I am only offering a few copies because I don't want to take business away from Battenkill Books, but I do think getting new people at workshops and events here would be wonderful. So email me if you are interested!