Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where's Jenna?

I'm in the last ten days of a manuscript deadline. All of my energy, creative or otherwise, is going into this book. Blog posts will be coming, but expect long dramatic ones between midnight writing blocks or sleepless photo-posting sessions. I might post some excerpts from the manuscript, pictures from shearing day or this weekend's archery event. Right now I am somewhere around the 62,000 word mark and a few sections behind in my goal with a ticking clock over my head the same time as lambing season and last-minute edits on the October book, One Woman Farm. Hoo! Game Nights and visits with friends are canceled. I'm basically a shut in until this is mailed off to Boston. So this is your Till-June Warning that I'm going to be super sporadic for a bit. But I'm here!

Leave the light on for me!