Thursday, May 9, 2013


Looks like a few days of rain are in store, much needed . Here are a few members of the flock resting below the blooms of the apple tree before the wind kicked up yesterday. I am not sure if sheep could get degrees in meteorology, but they should be considered. I know with certainty that if my flock leaves green pasture to sit under a stand of trees on a partially cloudy day (meaning they aren't seeking shade) steady rain is heading in. Not a drizzle or a storm, but the kind of rain that comes on hard and lasts for days. It doesn't matter what the weather channel or popular opinion downtown around the Stewart's coffee stations says: when sheep gather under the trees, it's going to rain. So put away your mowers and don't dare think about cutting that hay.

P.S. Not raining where you are? Click here. That may be the most elegant and wonderful thing on the internet.