Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dulcimer Day Camp! Join Us!

The dulcimer workshop that was supposed to happen in April was canceled due to a lack of interest, and then it was revived due to an influx of interest! I wanted to give you the new date of it: September 28th 2014! And why such a fancy exclamation point after that date? Because it's the same weekend as the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival! That's right, you can come to Washington County, spend your Sunday morning and early afternoon learning to play the dulcimer and hanging out with me at the farm, and if you come early: Spend your Saturday at the festival! Buy yarn, take classes, watch demonstrations, and buy yarn more! It'll be a weekend of music, farm animals, fiber, and fun and as if that wasn't enough it's in Autumn! Help me bring in Holy October with sweet music, knitting, wool and sheep!

Dulcimer Day Camp!
September 28th 2014
8 Spots left

Come up to the farm and learn the Mountain Duclimer. Everyone who signs up for the day gets an Apple Creek Dulcimer of their very own. We'll spend the morning learning about the history, tuning, and strumming patterns and the afternoon learning your first songs! You will also leave knowing how to read tabs (so you don't need to know how to read music to attend) and the basics of jamming by chord and ear. Come knowing nothing and leave with an instrument and a few tunes, and the ability to teach yourself more!

Just like fiddle camp you arrive knowing nothing and leave not only with your own instrument, but the knowledge to tune, play, and enjoy it. The dulcimer is a wonderful way for even the most skeptical of wannabe musicians to start with. It is tuned to itself and there isn't really a way to play a wrong note on it. As long as she's in tune, she'll make sweet music for you.

So if you ever wanted to add some music to your campfires, living rooms or farm front porches and and learn to bring home that beautiful music. Meet other beginner's, and enjoy Holy October on the farm. If you already have an older dulcimer then all you need to do is get it checked by a music shop and possibly get it restrung. If you own a newer dulcimer but never really learned, then sign on up and get inspired. You'll be strumming out Shady Grove in no time!

Please email me if you are interested, cost will be $225.00 for the whole day and the instrument, and include a farm tour. Please pack a lunch or plan to eat out in town. CAF Season Pass members just let me know if you want to come along, you only need to buy the book and dulc!

Season Passes On Sale!

To help raise the money for the mortgage, I am offering a HUGE discount on season passes. If you are interested in taking up the offer, you can email me at jenna@itsafarwalk.com and sign up for a full year (or a year tacked on to your current season pass). That's the price of just two day-long workshops and it goes to help keep this place running. I have fours spots to sell at this price that INCLUDE ANTLERSTOCK. So consider it as a great gift, a treat for yourself, a resource for your own homestead, or just as a way to help keep this show on the road. Thanks for your time, and now back to your regularly scheduled programming!


Blogger Ginny said...

Love the Dulcimer, but I adore the hammer dulcimer even better. Might you ever hold a class on the hammer dulcimer?? I would so sign up for that!!

September 4, 2014 at 3:58 PM  

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