Sunday, April 14, 2013

What. A. Weekend.

It's been a wild, feral, amazing, and adventurous weekend here in Washington County! I have so much to write about it will probably take me the rest of the week to do so, but I thought tonight I'd share with you a little video from yesterday's outing. On Saturday six of us humans and two horses went out for an eight-mile road trip in horse carts. Merlin and Steele were our heroes, and together we traveled on the backroads of the county towards the Battenkill Creamery and Gardenworks. This would be a treat any day, but this all happened to be going on during the infamous Tour of the Battenkill Bike Race, a huge event that attracts around 2,000 cyclists to bike between 65-130 miles around the county. So us brave horse drivers and passengers lead our charges through packs of cyclists on busy roads with trucks and tractor trailers and plenty of cheering onlookers in the name of a fun afternoon out with our horses and friends. Here's a video taken of me driving Merlin in Steele's forecart while Mark tells exciting hunting stories. Get ready for intensity folks, I love this little video.

Right now I am back to the office, just like everyone else who is wrapping up their weekend and buckling into another week of computers, desks, phones, and so on. I may work for myself now, but I still work and mostly sitting down at a desk. I have 10k words to write this week, the blog, four design jobs, and (as of just checking now, 987 emails to read since Saturday morning!) Holy crow will this be a brutish Monday morning! I type this with a smile on my face. I'll take the week in the office, and after the running, carting, riding, shooting, friends, drinks, and chores I'll be looking forward to some down time with the clicking of a keyboard and the strong taste of coffee that would scare some people into drinking tea forever.

P.S. I reread that post from over a year ago, when I was struggling with the choice to buy Merlin. Then I look at the woman in the photo just above it, about to head out on a full day in the driver's seat with good friends I only know because I took that chance and wrote this blog. If I took the advice of cautious people I would be much sadder for it. And a lot worse off in all the ways that actually matter. Point being: go get your ponies, ladies. Life is damn short.