Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sliver of Heaven

I spent the bulk of the day in this office, writing over 5,000 words for the new book. It was a heck of a tear and took me from around 9:30AM till 3 in the afternoon. when I was done all I wanted to do was actually use my body. So in an act of pure passion I turned off the monitor, put on my running shoes, and headed down the mountain for a three mile jog. (If this to-do list sounds ridiculous, I assure you not all my days are this healthy and productive.) Today this kind of effort was needed. I have been behind in my writing with a deadline rearing its ugly head and running just makes me feel wonderful. Or rather, finishing a run makes me feel wonderful. The actual running at this point feels more like my lungs are trying to escape from my body if I don't throw them up first. See?! Fun!

When I jogged back to my house I was greeted by such a happy scene I had to turn off my audiobook and start filming. The sun lit up my mountain house, and beyond it I could see the sheep on the hillside, hear them bleating. The little goatlings were playing near the porch. I tell you, to call a brace of goat kids and see them run to you might be the most adorable thing you can ask to witness in this pretty world. I was happy to catch it on video for you. Sorry for the quality of it. The screen shakes, the loud creek behind me is droning on, and I'm panting between words. Still, the little video shows a little sliver of heaven cake, at least my version of it.