Monday, April 22, 2013

Good Morning!

Good morning from Jackson!

I'm just in from the bulk of my morning chores. I fed the horses and (very pregnant!) sheep, milked the goat, fed the goatlings, entertained a Border Collie, fed pigs, chickens and rabbits, checked under broody geese for goslings, and felt the sun on my back the whole time. Glorious! And in payment for my time and effort I came inside with a half gallon of fresh milk (already strained and in the chiller) and a half dozen eggs. Had I the sense to bake some fresh bread yesterday like usual I would be looking at some amazing second-day bread french toast. Oh well, coffee and an orange it is. Plus, Monday mornings have two hours of TKD training at my dojang and I don't think French Toast would be as tasty post a few sparring matches.

That's all I have for now, more later, just wanted to check in and welcome the day with you. I need to go out there and get the horses fresh water and stop the kids from running into the woods to play Swiss Family Robinson. Yesterday my neighbor informed me they were halfway up the mountain till they called them down. Time for a goat pen!