Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Farm Dog

I have lived with several dogs, been around dog people my whole life, and experienced many breeds and canine activities. I've mushed my own sleddogs, won AKC obedience titles with my Golden Retriever, and helped show Shar Peis in high school. I have hunted with flushers and pointers, fell asleep beside old rough collies, and read all I could of Jack London by the time I was ten. And now I live with what has turned out to be the greatest canine experience of my life: Gibson, the farm dog.

Gibson is here watching baby geese with Patty at her farm. He won't hurt them, he won't bite. Yesterday I watched as Maude literally ran him over and he just got back up and asked for more. This is the same dog who baby sits lambs and goat kids, is kind to all humans he meets, and has shared by bed and kept me warm for three years. I have never had a dog this close, this aware of me, this tuned in to what I need and how I feel. I have never owned a dog I wanted to be as bad as I want to be him. That sounds silly, but it's 100% true. I want to be that alive, that excited about whats outside my front door. I want to run for the hell of it. I want to take life's hits and roll with it. I want to be a healthy, vibrant, panting animal. Whenever I get sad, or things get very hard, or I feel lonely and scared I think of the world as my dog sees it. How could anyone be afraid or alone in a place that makes him who he is?

I want to be a fast, fast dog.