Thursday, April 18, 2013

Falconry Update: Test Day Tomorrow!

If you've been following my journey to become an apprentice falconer, here's where I stand. I have contacted and gone on hunts with liscened General and Master Falconers Dawn and Mark. I have contacted and received my study package and test dates from the NY DEC and have been studying their contents. I also contacted and acquired a mentor, Ed Hepp. Once I had Ed on my side, signed for me, I was able to apply to take the State's big test (I need an 80% or higher!) and if I pass that I will be given the go ahead to build a Mews, Weathering Area, and trap my own passage redtail or kestrel this fall.

As of right now I am just a girl with one hole punched in her Hawkin' dance card though. That punch was getting my application with a sponsor's signature on it. Tomorrow morning is the next big step. I drive an hour and a half north to Warrensburg and sit down to take a huge written exam on all my knowledge gained this far. The test's study guide (that well worn tome in the picture) is over a hundred pages and covers biology, species, hunting, tracking, feathers, flight, health, food, gear, and everything else someone with a basic knowledge of the sport needs to know. I have been reading books, talking to falconers, studying the packet and I hope my preparations are enough. This test is only offered twice a year so I hope I make the grade.

Wish me luck!