Thursday, March 28, 2013

We're All Still A Thing

Shutting off the comments, even for just a few days now, has been such a positive experience. I still hear from you guys, but the conversation seems to be more in-depth, more useful. After posting about Ida and Earl I got an amazing email from a reader with a herd of goats about the advantages of a wether or two in a herd. She was great. I got support and understanding on Facebook, a great conversation there about taking down the comments. I also got emails with folks who are upset they are gone (even temporarily) saying they miss the community that was created. I urged her to join the CAF Facebook group and thanked her for emailing me. I understand her reasons, as I share them too.

The comments will probably come back. Right now I just really need a break from them and the moderation. In the meantime please email me if you want to chat or have a question. I will do my best to respond. Usually soon as possible if I am at my computer, and if you don't hear from me just resend your email. Like I said, persistence is what I need around here. Between editing and writing a pair of books, dairy chores, regular farm chores, web writing, workshops, emails and freelance time is rare but I will do my very very best.

P.S. That photo of me and Merlin from last summer makes me want June in the worst way...