Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Come Hang at CAF this Weekend!

Saturday, July 20th will be a day totally dedicated to starting a backyard rabbitry as a homegrown source of honest, delicious, meat. This will take place at two farms, mine and Patty Wesners', who has been breeding rabbits for the table for years and has quite the successful Flemish Giant operation at her place. Come learn about what it takes in space, money, and time to turn a bit of your land or garage into a source of healthy food.

LAST THREE SLOTS ARE ON SALE, HALF PRICE or $125 for TWO PEOPLE! GRAB THEM! This workshop will open with introductions and personal stories, including my own about changing from fiber to meat rabbits and why. After that we'll head out the my little breeding operation and meet the pregnant American Silver Foxes. We will discuss how to pick out healthy stock and what rabbits are best for you. We'll also cover care, feeding, breeding, kindling, as well as how to harvest the animals. There will be a live demonstration on slaughter and butchering for the freezer (so this is not a workshop for the faint of heart). Also, hopefully heritage breed kits for sale at both farms!

Date: July 20th 2013
Time: 10AM-4PM
At: CAF and LBF
Lunch: Bring a sack!
Cost: $125 (now on sale!)
Spots Left: 3 (ten already sold!)