Thursday, March 28, 2013

Milk, Magic and Thanks

What a beautiful morning it was here, breathtaking in it's rawness. The whole farm was frozen mud and fat white snowflakes, the kind of no particular consequence, fell around me as I walked to the barn. In my hand was a milk pail and trailing behind me were the two kids and Gibson. I tried to take a few deep breaths out there, focus on what the day's purpose will be. I have a lot of work ahead of me and a check off list of errands and emails, but in that moment I tried to just think about milking and Bonita's mineral pail being refilled. The work of a farm, any farm, can overwhelm you but if you turn a to-do list into single actions done in the present moment it changes from anxiety to action. It's a magic trick.

I don't try to tell other people that my ideal life is theres, but I can say with 100proof conviction that I hope every one of you gets to walk out to a barn some day with a milk pail in your hand with a few goatlings trotting behind you in a flirting snowfall.

And hey, I want to thank you guys for helping out with the ads on this site. Last month those ads barely made a dent in the farm but thanks to your participation next month it may be a real help. So thanks for taking the time to click and support. And I hope everyone who sent in a contribution recently received my email of thanks. I am trying very hard to make more time for small gestures like that. I'll get better, I promise.