Thursday, March 28, 2013

Here's A Taste of What I'm Talking About

...Of what we'll be doing Saturday here at the farm. International Table Top Day is Saturday, with events around the world (over 2,500) and no matter where you live there is one by you. If you are new or suspect of games (I get that, I was ANTI-BOARDGAMES until this past year) trust me, this isn't monopoly or go fish. These are intense, satisfying, super cooperative, smart, and entertaining games that the show Table Top has shared with the world. I think we now have a dozen folks coming, with several games going on at once and a few prizes being given out too. So go check out an event at your local game store, bring a some drinks or a snack, and hang out here in a way you probably haven't interacted with friends and family in a while. Like, for example, saving the world from a horrible disease. Pandemic is a favorite Game Night event here. Check out the video to see what I am talking about!

And what the heck does this have to do with farming and homesteading? A lot. Because unlike computer games, television, going out to dinner, cocktail parties — this group activity involves active community, problem solving, sportsmanship and strategy. You want to be a part of a faming community, well learning how to find quick and dirty solutions and work with others is just as important a skill to a homesteader as pounding fenceposts. Also, games like this can be thrown in the backseat of a car or tucked into saddle bags and played outside, away from plugs and speakers. You can engage in such a creative way that so many of us have lost to instant-gratification of TV and movies. Now, I love TV and movies but they are no where near as fun as using all of my wits and laughter with friends, some beer, and a board of imagination and competition. And unlike a trip to the bar or a visit to the movie house, you buy a game and it is yours to play over and over. I have had so much fun with my cheaper games like Tsuro, Zombie Dice, and Gloom I feel like I owe the companies that made them royalty checks....

I think all farmers are gamers, because we all love being tested and figuring out how to make things better in our own situation. We like little victories. We like each other. And we really try to avoid zombies in our water sources. So get out there and play!

Here's my top ten list of games for beginners:
Settlers of Catan
Ticket to Ride
Zombie Dice*
Glen More
Small World

* means card or dice games under $20