Friday, August 24, 2012

24 hours to camp!

Fiddle Camp starts in a little over 24 hours. Between then and now is a mess of work to do in preparation. There's 15 fiddles to tune and inspect, a porta-potty to install, campsites to clear, and classes to plan. Parking lots were made with the thanks of Holden Daughton and his brush hoggin' DR mower. People who arrive can park by the pond and walk up the road to the house and a series of places to set up tents and chairs and tables is waiting for them behind the barn.

Folks who are camping, Washington County is in a drought so you can not have open fires. You need to bring camp stoves if you want to cook here. Remember, since I do not have a USDA kitchen I can not legally feed you so you need to bring along any meals you do not want to buy. The Burger Den is just up the road for lunch and dinner and Cambridge has several places and a small IGA to get provisioned up. If you have a camp chair, bring it!

Also, the Washington County Fair is going on so if anyone wants to hit up one of the best Fairs in the state after camp is over for the day on Saturday, I can give you easy directions. It is only 20 minutes from CAF. We can take a group field trip if you like!

So I will see you all with posts from the weekend by and by. It may be too busy to post but I will post videos and pictures. Wish us all luck and happy sawing!


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