Wednesday, August 13, 2008

a dry afternoon

Last night it wasn't raining. A novel approach, since it has been pouring in southern Vermont for weeks. But yesterday, when I pulled into the driveway after work, I stepped out of my car into the... not rain! It wasn't sunny but there were bits of blue sky and the ground was dry. I'll take it. I went about the business of random chores I'd been putting off till the rain stopped. I lugged a bale of fresh straw from the covered porch to the coop. Within moments the crew had a fresh clean bed to sleep on. While my birds have never said thank you, I can only imagine their relief to come home from a long day of mud and rain to a soft, safe, and dry place to fall asleep in. Creature comforts.

After all that, I cleaned out all the water fonts and buckets and refilled the feeders with fresh grains. I grabbed a pitchfork and removed the soggy old gross hay and put it on the compost pile. While I was doing this, a clunky old Subaru pulled into the driveway. This is pretty common at the farm (when you have a giant "FRESH EGGS" sign up on the road by your driveway you get used to meeting locals.) This particular local was one of my favorites. An elderly ex-patriot of some "old-country" with a thick European accent, a friendly beard, and a gentle smile.

He told me he had a spare half gallon of milk, and would the animals use it because he would hate to waste it? I said yes and thank you, and he proceeded to buy a half dozen eggs (I offered a trade, he put his foot down on paying for the eggs, in quarters.) Before he rolled off he insisted I come up to their cottage for coffee and to "meet the wife" I told him I'd love too. I want to hear their story. Everyone in the hollow seems to have one equally exciting and weird set of circumstances that brought them to Sandgate, or keeps them here. I want to know them all. Specially when it's not raining.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just discovered your site and have spent two evenings reviewing your archives from the past year. I love following your journal of life happenings. My husband and I are coming back to the country after many years of town living. Both of us were raised on the farm. I can feel the country life in your stories. Love it. Keep it up girl!!

August 15, 2008 at 12:57 PM  
Anonymous clamdigger10 said...

My dear, I have had the most glorious day enjoying catching up on your homesteading journey. You have embarked on the journey my husband and I are about to begin, Los Angeles to Rhode Island, farmsteading... It was not until I read the last sentences of this entry that I felt compelled to write. I too collect people's stories, am intrigued by them, and wondered if you've considered your second book might be a collection of stories of paths taken by characters you've met along your way! Just a thought, but would make a terrific read, and might go a ways toward paying that feed bill :)! Thank you for the inspiration and tips!

May 12, 2009 at 8:59 PM  

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