Tuesday, May 6, 2008

they strongly discourage trespassing of any kind

This is a blog about farming, or dreams of future farms. But, today I want to write about something that is a huge part of Cold Antler. A little radio show that has been on in the background of nearly every garden planted, chick raised, and drive cross country. I have had episodes saved and replayed so many time I feel like a mini expert on some arcane topics few people care about, but if you're taking the time to read this blog, you might too.

A few days after I started work at my first real job, my manager asked if I listened to any podcasts. I didn't really know what podcasts were, only some vague notion that they were internet radio shows you could download and listen to on a mp3 player. Seemed kinda geektastic to me, and I was more interested in hiking in the smokies than I was in listening to someone talk about the new ibooks online.

But then I came across a radio show that I have listened to religiously since the day I found it. New Jersey based Hometown Tales, a show about local legends, lore, food, gossip, ghosts, and everything else strange and weird in the news, took over my headset in the office. Once or twice a week, Bryan and Gene update me on things like ghost ships, world war two legends, Hollywood deaths, weird festivals, bigfoot, and in and out burgers. What started as a rekindled interest in weird news turned into getting to know these guys. Over the years these men have changed jobs, gotten married, adopted children, traveled the world and watched their little podcast turn into an international sensation in the web radio world. They don't sit in their glass towers about it either, in fact just a few weeks ago they had a cheeseburger Friday, where people, anyone really, was welcome to join them for beer and burgers in Jersey to talk. Some people drove from as far away as Kentucky to say hi. Impressive.

I adore this little radio show. Not just because of the folklore, but because of the community around it. Bryan and Gene gave all of us armchair cryptozoologists a place to talk on forums and laugh with each other. It gave us a place to read up on crazy-ass news we'd never hear about in the mainstream channels. But most importantly of all, it gives us a place to share stories - a virtual campfire that's thousands of us sit around in our offices or on our ipods every week. It brings a little mystery to a world where we constantly strive to separate ourselves from superstition. I really enjoy this little niche of the internet. I will miss it terribly when they've had enough of microphones and blogs. But for now, please check them out, tell your friends, and sit back with a pork roll egg and cheese sandwich and enjoy the carnival while it lasts.

Home Town Tales


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok so here I am cutting cereal and pizza boxes poached from the recycling bin up into postcards. I'm listening to my brand new addiction, thanks to you, and suddenly:

"This is from Jenna in Vermont."

HEY! I know this person!

Just watched Children of the Grave by accident the other night, a documentary about child hauntings. Nearly peed myself with terror. And yet I couldn't stop (watching, not peeing.).

May 9, 2008 at 4:51 PM  

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