Wednesday, May 28, 2008

hip little garden radio

I got this little guy at our local bookstore. It's a small radio perfect for gardening. It's solar powered, so it can rock out all day while you hoe and plant and the batteries will never die out. If it's an overcast day and the sun isn't doing it for you, it has a crank to generate all the electricity you need for hours of listening. I'm a big radio fan, and knowing that I can stay outside on a Saturday night and hear all of Prairie Home Companion (which, is coming to Vermont for the State Fair and I hope someone wants to come with me to watch it live) without going inside. It's small, about 5x5 so I can throw it in my pocket and take it with me to my next raised bed. It's mean and green, and one less appliance depending on the grid for my homestead. Which, feels pretty damn good, listening to renewable energy entertainment while growing your own food. Take that!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No no. Not Gary Keillor. Please no. As a Minnesotan, and a former (and possibly current) producer of radio drama, I really have to get you into something else. If you aren't too creeped out by the wader offer, please allow me to send you some cds of our former productions. You can't listen on your crank radio, but well, we can't have everything.

June 2, 2008 at 4:03 PM  

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